Shea Skin Repair Cream


Even the best skin needs a little TLC, and luckily for you this moisturizing skin cream is ready to help.  Perfect for those who need help with eczema or other irritating skin conditions. This soothing skin cream is going to be your favourite go-to option to help your skin be as strong as possible.  While healing the skin, this cream is also going to reduce your need to scratch, which helps you move on with your day.  Organic skincare at its best, this will show its worth with one use.

  • No colouring additives
  • All-natural ingredients to prevent reactions
  • Safe for all skin types and sensitivities
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A nourishing body cream with coconut oil and Shea butter to moisturize the dry, delicate or dermatitis prone skin. This cream will reestablish the epidermis and diminish distress, dry skin, aggravation, redness, over-warming scaly zones. This light moisturizing cream rapidly ingests into the skin. It cools and unmistakably clams the skin, shaping an obstruction on the skin to help shield from dryness.

  • Relives the distress and decreases the inclination to scratch
  • Helps in retaining the skin moisture
  • Protects the damaged skin
  • Normally Fragranced Formula
  • Zero coloring agents
  • Have no additional chemicals or additives.
  • Aides visibly mitigate the skin
  • Reasonable for the entire family

Apply it as regularly as directed or required especially after bathing, showering or cleansing.


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