Black African Organics

is home to a wide range of organic personal care products that will look after your delicate SKIN, NATURAL HAIR and WELLBEING . We manufacture organic products that are formulated to be suitable for everyday usage using ancient African ways, from natural face moisturizers to organic hair care products. Our organic personal care range is made with the purest of natural ingredients while leaving out the nasty and toxic chemicals. Whether you’re looking for organic personal care products for your children or yourself, you’re sure to find a product that will delight the whole family!

Be Confidently African

Society has it that modern African women must conform to the typical standards of beauty which forces them to alter their appearance to fit into the contemporary beauty style of the western part of the world. Not to mention, most beauty products available on the market is formulated to be suitable only for western skin and hair types, which leaves little to no choice when it comes to choosing personal care products to take care of our beautiful melanin skin and strong mane.

At Black African Organics, we strongly advocate for embracing your natural self. We encourage and actively promote self-confidence and being ‘confidently African’ by prioritizing your needs to ensure that there is a wide selection of products for African women. Through Black African Organics, we have found the solution right from the African source, and we are availing it to African women.


Mondli and Ndo are entrepreneurial sweethearts that built the incredible brand Black African organics from the ground-up. Married with 2 kids, they understand that parents only want the best when it comes to caring for their family. However, in a market filled with toxic beauty products, it can be challenging for parents to find products that are not only suitable for every family member but also suitable for young and sensitive skin of children without the expensive price tag. It is even more difficult when it comes to finding products that will suit African skin and hair types.
Mondli MagwazaCEO
Ndo MagwazaOperations Manager

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The beauty industry is currently filled with markets that offer personal care products that are ladened with misleading claims and toxic ingredients. While these synthetic ingredients may give promising short-term results, they can have a detrimental effect on your health with continuous usage. It is extremely important that whatever you put on your skin is as natural as possible to avoid these harmful effects.

Black African Organics believe that going back to the basics with the purest ingredients that nature has to offer is the best way forward when it comes to beauty. Our products are formulated based on traditional African ways that generations of ancestors have relied upon. We eliminate the use of toxic substances to create safe beauty products that you can rely on for your whole family. With a powerful combination of trusted methods along with organic ingredients, Black African organics is revolutionizing the personal care industry one product at a time!

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No Parabens

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No Phthalates

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No Mineral Oil

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No Formaldehyde

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No Petroleum

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